Monday, April 12, 2010


This week my journal summary was on the NCAA basketball tournament. I was very happy to see this article in the database. The article showed how significant the American public believed the NCAA tournament has become. When writing this journal summary I was thinking about this years NCAA tournament. A Cinderella in Butler who was thought to have no chance at the beginning of the tournament made it the championship game. It just shows how every team had a chance if they make it to the tournament. In other collegiate sports the big named universities have the chance and the smaller teams are put to the side. Being that the tournament had just finished I thought it was a great time to read this article. I was still in the tournament mode and thought the journal article was a great read. I did think that the author of the article gave the tournament too much significance. It’s just a sport and the author gave it religious type significance. I didn’t like that aspect about the article because I believe you should separate religion form everything else. Especially when you are describing a game that should be played for fun. Then it made me think how crazy Americans are for their sports. These teams we root for becomes part of our lives. When looking at it we have no impact on the outcome of the game. Even still we go crazy if teams you like lose. I think as a whole Americans take their sports too serious.

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