Friday, April 23, 2010


During the readings this week in class I had a flashback to my earlier childhood. When I was little we would take a long road trip every so often. My favorite trip is the year I first went out west. We spent a total of a month traveling the west and ending the trip at my grandmother’s house in Las Vegas. My parents and my two older sisters packed in my family’s vehicle and pulled a small pop-up camper throughout the West. We visited many historic sites and national parks. That trip I got the chance to visit Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, and others. I will never forget that first time we visited Yellowstone national park. I loved it from the very moment I laid eyes on the national park. The animals that would roam such as buffalo and dear caught my eye as a little kid. I thought it was astonishing you could drive around the corner and se snow on the mountain during the summer months. I also got the opportunity to ride a donkey into the Grand Canyon which I still remember years later. That summer was the first long trip I had ever had. I was only six years old but I can remember some parts of that trip like it was yesterday. I have since been back out West many times but that first trip as a child holds a special spot in my heart. When reading this week it really hit home with me. As Americans summer vacation has almost become a tradition. As the book states, since World War II summer vacation really started to take tradition in American lives. If I ever get married I will certainly gives the great memories of a summer vacation that my parents gave me.

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