Tuesday, March 16, 2010

spring break post

After watching the movie on the influence of television in American culture, it seems that most of the population is influenced in some way by television. I never really noticed until it was put under the microscope. Personally I watch in my opinion too much television. Many of the shows featured on the program I had watched before more than once. I believe that it’s an issue with the youth in today’s society. Instead of being active the television is what they waste their time on when they are not in school. It made me think about all the kids in today’s society growing up watching these television shows. In today’s time reality television had taken us by storm. They are often horrible shows which just show people in everyday life. Instead of watching someone in everyday life I believe the American people need to get out and enjoy life and not be influenced by a make believe television shows. If this happens I believe the active lifestyle will go up and that the obesity percentage in children would be lowered. If the parents step up and make their kids more active instead of letting them watch television all day it could save some of their lives when they are older. Television shows are not the only issue video games are also a big issue because kids often take them to a different level. In closing I believe parent should make their kids have an allotted time to do physical activity.

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