Thursday, February 25, 2010


I thought the reading this week was very interesting. It gave me a great insight to how things used to be during the 1950’s. I look at how things used to be and compare them to this generation. I think the men and women of the 1950’s were much tougher than the men and women of today. In class someone mentioned the main character to be a wimp. In my mind he was as far from a wimp as anyone could be. He was a paratrooper in the army and was dropped behind enemy lines many times. For someone to say he was a wimp I thought was outrageous. This is a fictional book but the author related to the generation after the war. Many men had a similar story to what Tom Rath and had experienced what many believe as the worst war in history. Yes, Tom Rath had many issues and often had the attitude to go with the flow no matter what happened. In my opinion this comes from the war because he often thought he would die in battle. He was going to be dropped no matter what he wanted to do and it was out of his control.
I don’t believe he was a wimp because he often didn’t care.
The book also made me wonder about people’s priorities then and now. In the 1950’s get a job, work hard, and make life for yourself. It made me think that people today are spoiled with all the advantages and technologies we have access to. I thought the book was a really good read and it made me think of how today is so much different.

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