Monday, February 1, 2010


After reading the chapters this week in the book “American as Second Creation,” It made me think of my hometown. When I was younger I used to landscape this estate that was owned by an elderly lady in my church. On the river that ran through her yard was an old mill that was one of the first mills in Cherokee county, North Carolina. For some reason I always wanted to buy that peace of property and fix the mill up. I thought it would be a cool restaurant. After the lady died she gave the estate to her family and when I would be fishing the river I would run across the mill from time to time. The last time I went by the family had fixed up the main part of the mill and I wondered what they might be doing to the mill. It ended up they just fixed it up for looks. After reading this material I thought of the mill and after reading the material I realized people that moved into the area of my hometown possibly just moved because of the jobs and work a mill created. Then I thought of all the negative aspects a mill would bring to the workers who had been there. The workers who possibly worked at the mill of my town could possibly have gone through a harsh work environment. I also wonder what type of mill it was. After the reading they were many mills that it could be. Next time I go home I will ask my father if he knows or where I can find out.

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